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As a Motivational Coach, Consultant, Coach Trainer, Author and Speaker, my goal is “to empower people move to the next level of success in their lives.” Many people have asked for more information about me and why I am qualified to motivate others. So here’s a little bit about me and how I got here.

"I help people move to the next level of success in their lives." 

Lyn Kelley


Certified Professional Coach

Practice Building Coach

Humanistic Scholar

Author of 37 Self-Help Books

          "Lyn is an incredible coach, trainer and author. She practices what she preaches-setting goals, formulating a plan to accomplish them, and then unwaveringly completing each task until she's achieved her desired outcome. She's also an exceptionally caring, compassionate person, whom I greatly admire. and am so fortunate to know."   
         ---Robin Morse Renna, Sarasota, FL


Dear Colleague,

       It all started back in Fresno, CA where I was born and raised. As a child I knew I had a calling to help people be happier and live better lives. I knew this because I was keenly observant of people and quietly watched how they lived their lives.  At age 10 a friend’s family invited me to a musical show called “Up With People!” This show had a major impact on me, and brought up my passion to help people be happier.

          Although my parents didn’t care about my grades, I received all A’s in school except I always failed Oral English. I couldn’t get up in front of the class and speak. What kept me going in school was my desire for a career in the helping/teaching profession, so I could help others become more successful.

          The females in my family were discouraged from going to college, so higher education became my way of rebelling. I earned my B.A. in Education from California State University, Fresno. During college I had some wonderful professors who took me under their wing and encouraged me to speak in class. I learned that I enjoyed teaching and actually had a gift that had previously been repressed. I went on to get my teaching credential and taught Jr. and Sr. High School for 8 years. I went from a shy little girl who couldn’t speak in front of the class to a big girl who couldn’t STOP speaking in front of the class!

          Teaching adolescents was an amazing experience! I found that I wanted to work with them more one-on-one, so I went back to college to become a counselor. I received my M.S. in Counseling/Psychology from the University of Miami and became licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist. Years later I returned to get my Ph.D. in Health Science. 

          Once I became licensed I worked in a private counseling practice for 7 years. I soon realized then that being "good" at one's art is not enough to earn a "good" living. I became a provider on 35+ Manage Care Insurance Plans.  Still, not "good" enough.  I'd wake up in the morning knowing I only had one client to see that day, and wondered if she'd even show up.  I got dressed and got to my office early, and sure enough, she was a no-show.  I sat at my desk looking at the 4 walls, feeling discouraged and ashamed.  I was barely getting by.  PLUS, it seemed I cared a LOT more about other people's success than THEY did.  Why were they so unmotivated??

       Then I went to work billing Managed Care companies for the measly $50 they promised to pay, which often took MONTHS (and many headaches) to receive.  I put my head down on my desk, sobbing and wondering what to do.  I was a single parent and needed to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.  How could this have happened?  What was I doing with my life??

      Through years of struggle, trial and error, I figured out how to promote my practice to a well-pay, self-pay clientele, and things started getting better.  I started researching Life Coaching.  Through reading and taking Coaching Courses, I found out that I was mostly doing Coaching already!

       I began calling myself a Life and Business Coach.  I fired every single Managed Care Plan (which was really scary!!!).  Things started getting even better.  I then started consulting other therapists on getting out of Managed Care and promoting their self-pay businesses. Soon I began getting offers to speak to professional organizations, and write articles for professional journals on the art of practice promotion.

          During this time I realized that coaching, writing and teaching were what I really loved to do, so I started writing books for therapists and teaching continuing education courses. I became particularly interested in the field of motivation and coaching and worked on this as a specialty. I taught live seminars called "Therapist to Coach" every month for 15+ years, all over the U.S. and abroad.

       My colleagues kept asking me to start a Certification Program.  So I founded GROW Training Institute, Inc. which is a Coach Training Organization, to assist my colleagues in becoming Certified Professional Coaches.  Since I became a CPC, my career has taken off!  I actually let my MFT license expire and now only do Coaching.  I can now say it was all worth it!

          Many people have asked me what has most motivated me during my life? I believe that we all have internal motivation when we find our gift. Our gift is our strongest, deepest desire.  My strong desire is to help people become higher functioning, happier and more successful.   This initially came from my internal desire to grow, learn, and improve my life and the world around me. It also came from my deep appreciation for my mentors and teachers who helped me overcome my anxieties and fears about success. It came from reading books by great self help/spiritual authors such as Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Barbara DeAngelis and Tony Robbins.  My passion is to become a Scholar of Human Nature, and empower others to use their gifts for good.
        I have learned that it is fear that stops us most. We sabotage our own success due to our own fear of our own light. I want to help others overcome their obstacles and shine their light brightly, just as my mentors did for me.  I would honor the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams!

       Many thanks,



        As a Business Coach, I conduct trainings for businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations and organizations all over the world, particularly in the areas of healthcare practice (See Lyn's Client List).

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        I also offer practice building consulting for coaching, mental health and medical providers (see Lyn's Marketing Consulting page). I've written 21 continuing education courses and I continue to create new courses as my customers let me know their needs and interests.  If you're interested, contact me at 858-837-1412 or


        As a Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach, Coach Trainer, Author and Speaker, my goal is to help people move to the next level of success in their lives and relationships, whatever that may be.  I work by telephone, Internet and face-to-face via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.  I have been providing Coaching to individuals and businesses for over 25 years.  Prior to becoming a Coach I was licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in CA, which has taught me to empathize, understand, support, validate, encourage and empower people through Coaching.   I’ve written 37 self-help books on relationships, life improvement, business and virtual coaching.  My sincere desire is to help people in all areas of life improvement.  I would be honored to assist you with your goals -- with compassion and a bit of fun and humor!
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Fees:  $200/hr or portion thereof
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Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC

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