Send Your Clients a Regular Newsletter Without Having to Write a Word!

Don't have time to write a monthly newsletter? Let me write it for you!  Get 12 issues of "Coaching Works Newsletters" in our NEW C.E. Course for 10 C.E. Contact Hours -- special introductory price $87

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Here are the benefits to you:

  • Your NUMBER ONE practice promotion! The best way to retain current clients, reactivate former clients, and get new client referrals WITHOUT SELLING.
  • Your MOST COST-EFFECTIVE practice promotion! It costs $9 a month and if you ONLY got ONE new client in that year you would get back 100+ times your money! That’s the BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT I know of!
  • TELL – DON’T SELL: The best way to promote your practice is to give a free sample of information, education and coaching.
  • SAVES YOU TIME by not having to write the newsletter yourself. Handles your professional, ethical obligation to provide a genuine public service and let the public know what you offer.
  • Enhances your professional credibility and gives you a marketing edge over other coaches who do not do this.
  • Attracts NEW, GOOD clients to you.
  • A gift that keeps on giving – people will give them to their friends and family who are also interested in the subject.
  • When you send the newsletter out to other professionals (like doctors, attorneys, and other referral sources) they will feel that they already know you on a certain level – and this increases the chances of referrals from them.
  • Increases your community exposure and can give you more opportunities for media exposure and public speaking engagements.

Here are the benefits to your clients:

  • Gives your contacts a quality publication which is professionally written that is of INTEREST to them.
  • Keeps your contacts MOTIVATED!
  • Keeps your name in the FOREFRONT of your contacts’ minds -- so they can easily find your e-mail and phone number to call for an appointment or make a referral to you.
  • You can include a copy of the newsletter in your intake package that you give or mail to first-time clients. Builds a Relationship!
  • Sends out the implicit message that you care and are concerned about maintaining an ongoing relationship with your contacts.
  • Helps readers KNOW – LIKE – TRUST you. Your color photograph has high visual impact. People want to know what their coach looks like before making their first contact with you.