Is Coaching Right For You?

Take this Quiz to Find Out if You Would Be Successful as a Professional Coach

Answer Yes or No:

1. People tell me I should become a coach.
2. I feel I am good with people, and they like being around me.
3. I am an honest, ethical person who lives with personal integrity.
4. I am very intuitive.
5. People tell me I’m a good listener.
6. I am willing to receive coaching for myself if/when I feel stuck and want to move forward in my life.
7. I sometimes feel I care more about other people's success than they do.
8. I help people find their own answers deep inside of them.
9. I enjoy helping people.
10. I feel awkward asking for money, but I KNOW my services are worth a minimum of $150 per hour.

       Add up how many “yes” answers you have. If you have 8 or more “yes” answers, you have what it takes to become a successful coach! If you answered all 10 "yes" you would be a perfect fit!  If you have 7 or less “yes” answers, you may not have what it takes. Contact Lyn at or call 702-901-4193 with all your questions.  Read Lyn's story of her transition from "Therapist to Coach" HERE.
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