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FREE Report: 21 Cost Free Practice Promotions

By Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC



        Check off AT LEAST THREE promotional ideas you can do this month to make this your BEST YEAR EVER. (WARNING -- It's tempting to NOT do anything to promote your practice -- you'll find every excuse in the world to NOT do it -- but you're practice will disintegrate if you don't!) In my 25+ years of experience training, consulting, and talking with therapists and coaches, I've found these 21 strategies are the MOST COST-EFFECTIVE promotional ideas you'll find anywhere. Trust me, they WILL WORK if YOU WORK IT. 

1. ____ Write my article or column for local newspapers/magazines (see below)  

2. ____ Offer to speak at a business, church or organization (get your workshop advertised for free in the “Calendar” section of all local newspapers) 3. ____ Offer to speak at my own office  

4. ____ Offer to speak at professional conferences

5. ____ Update my website and add a “Tip of the Week” eNewsletter

6. ____ Link my website to related specialty organization’s websites

7. ____ Update my customer and potential customer mailing list

8. ____ Update my customer and potential customer e-mail list

9. ____ Write my e-Newsletter to send regularly to my current, former and prospective clients and referral sources (or have GROW write it – see below)

10. ____ Prepare my flyer for my professional specialty, i.e. “Celebrity Coaching!”

11. ____ Put my flyers/business cards in bookstores and coffee shops

12. ____ Plan my once a month low-fee workshop/class at my office

13. ____ Prepare reactivation letters with “Client Satisfaction Surveys”

14. ____ Memorize my “elevator promo” (mission statement) and practice with friends/relatives

15. ____ Update my website and make sure on every page I have catchy

headlines as well as my free offer and my professional photo

16. ____ Write the script for my new promotional audio CD and/or YouTube video

17. ____ Offer a free first session or phone assessment

18. ____ Prepare my letter to offer to appear on radio or TV talk show

19. ____ Call my referral sources and remind them that I’m available

20. ____ Update my “Informed Consent”

21. ____ Become a credit card merchant vendor or add PayPal to my website

One Thing to Do Right Now


 Here is a great no-cost promotion that will boost your practice right away! Write an article for your local newspapers and/or magazines that is about your practice specialty. This article designates you as an expert and will magnetize new, self-pay, well-pay, interested clients to you. Here are your rules for your article:

1. 500 words or less

2. Include a high-resolution photo of you (doubles your readership!)

3. Include your office location, phone number, and any classes/groups you offer

4. Must be about your favorite specialty!!! You must have passion about it!

5. Tell a story about yourself or an anonymous person. People like reading story form.

6. Keep your sentences short. Keep your paragraphs short. Don’t be too “academic” or “clinical.” Write like you would write to a friend.

7. Have a catchy headline!

8. Offer to write an ongoing weekly or monthly column.

9. Send your article to every local newspaper and magazine there is. Send a letter with your article explaining it is a “first-come-first-serve” article. This means that whoever asks to run it first will get it (as long as they run it within the next 3 weeks) and you will tell the other publications to remove it.

10. Send this article to all your referral sources.

If you would like help in writing your article or creating a catchy headline for it, please contact me for consultation. I LOVE doing this!

 ----When you give someone an informational report or book, you do not just give them paper and ink, you give them a brand new life.

       ----Lyn Kelley



        Make 2018 your SIX-FIGURE INCOME YEAR!!! I am available to you for telephone and e-mail consultation on any area of practice building.  The way to earn money is to do what other successful people do.  The "success formula" is that 10% of your income is responsible for the other 90%.  You MUST put in at least 10% of your gross income into marketing just to keep your current income.  If you want to GROW your income, you'll need to increase that to 15% or more, depending on how much money you want to earn.  Most of my strategies don't cost much but pay off in spades!!
        My fee is $120 per half hour and I'm certain I will save you MUCH MORE than that by helping you NOT DO what I know DOESN'T work, and DO what I know DOES WORK! Contact me at



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What People Are Saying About GROW'S CPC Program


        Lyn, It really helps to stay in touch with you to keep me motivated and on track – thanks for being there, listening, and for being such an inspiration. Thank you for all that you have accomplished – and for “bottling it” up in such a concise yet powerful format for the rest of us to succeed.

---Silvia Kaminsky, LMFT

       Lyn, I attended one of your GROW seminars in Phoenix in 2010. Here it is almost 3 years later, and I have finally grossed $100k just working 20 hours a week! Thanks ever so much for just simple concepts and ideas that came together to make it work. My TherapySites website as well as Psychology Today online directory referrals have given me almost half of my referrals. It’s awesome and has been such a blessing.
          Thanks again, 
          Carol Ramsay-Scott, LCSW               

        Hi Lyn, it was great meeting with you today. You gave me several excellent ideas regarding marketing myself and my goods and services. what seemed overwhelming last week now seems much more manageable. I liked the way you ended the session with concrete things for me to work on. I look forward to working with you in the future.

---Rich Blonna, Ph.D.

        Lyn, "I’m proud to be a Certified Professional Coach through GROW. GROW’s CPC designation requires a high level of education and training. My prospects are impressed when I tell them this, and it helps my marketing efforts greatly. When you take GROW’s courses it’s assumed you already know basic counseling techniques, so you start off your coach training at an advanced level. It’s the best value out there.

---Stan Mann, CPC 



Dear Lyn,
        I just wanted to write a personal letter of thanks and appreciation to you for your expert guidance and assistance in my becoming a CPC. As you know, I have had over 20 years experience as a counselor (at a Master’s level and as an NBCC). My decision to move into coaching and now engaging in several new avenues has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has completely changed my perspective in working with clients and my attitude in presenting to them so many more positive, hopeful and encouraging possibilities for their future. In short, it has helped me to show them how to see the light at the end of their own tunnel, and a way to get there. Your coaching courses are both simple to understand and easy to apply, with a wealth of insight and informational resources. Our telephone consultations have allowed me to get to know you as a genuinely warm, caring person, but also, as a highly trained, experienced professional with many diverse fields of knowledge. I feel very fortunate to have discovered you, to trust and value your opinions and guidance, and to know that you are a valuable resource in my continuing journey in my career.

---Mary-Lew Barker, Ph.D., CPC


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