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Light Their Fire Course Info

By Lyn Kelley, Ph.D.,MFT, CPC

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        The whole truth about what really motivates people! Motivational speaker and coach, Dr. Lyn Kelley, takes you through the step-by-step process to get other people motivated once and for all! In order to get others motivated you must help them unlock true desires, their passion, and put a fire in their belly. Dr. Lyn gives you all the RIGHT and BEST ways (and the WRONG ways) to motivate people to achieve their full potential. Powerful exercises along the way provide the force they need to sustain their momentum and propel them forward.
        Author Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., Certified Professional Coach, and Founder/President of GROW Training Institute, Inc. has led hundreds of seminars and coached thousands of people to realize their dreams. Lyn works with professionals, executives, celebrities, artists and performers to help them 1) know what they want, 2) do what they need to do to get it, and 3) keep them on track until they have it. This is a MUST READ for anyone who supervises, coaches, teaches, trains, counsels, ministers, mentors or sponsors people. It is based on sound, clinical research and also gives you the best of all the biggest self-help superstars like Tony Robbins, Barbara DeAngelis, Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy. A spiritual and values-based approach to motivation.

What Others are Saying About this Course:

        This is an excellent program! It is well organized and thoughtfully and creatively presented. The implementation section has elements that are not only insightful and interesting, but also immediately practical and useable. I heartily recommend this course.

--- Sharon Bellows, Greensboro, NC

        A superlative job of integrating contemporary motivational techniques and sound psychological theory and research. It gives the clinician the perfect foundation from which to launch a successful coaching subspecialty. I found myself energized and motivated.

---Steven Sussman, Ph.D., Founder and Director Child Success Centers of NY and NJ

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Ultimate Motivator
  • The Step-by-Step Process of Motivation
  • Where Motivation Really Comes From
  • Internal vs. External Motivation – Which Works Better?
  • The 3 Magic Keys to Unlock Anyone’s Hidden Motivation
  • Theories of Motivation – Which One Fits You?
  • What is Success, Really?
  • How to Know What You Really, Really Want
  • Why Choosing the Right Goal is Your “Power Button”
  • The Optimal Challenge
  • The Simple 5 Step Decision Making Process
  • Is it Okay to Change My Mind?
  • The “PPPP Principle” that Will Propel You Beyond Belief
  • The Fallacy of Willpower
  • Pain vs. Pleasure – Who Wins?
  • Quick Change vs. Gradual Change
  • What You Can Change and What You Can’t
  • Get Fed Up!
  • The Power of Commitment
  • Create Your Vision
  • Your Mission Statement is Your Vision Multiplied
  • Create Your Plan
  • 10 Ways to Make Action Equal Results
  • The Only Way to Handle “Overwhelm”
  • Create Your Road Map that Gets You Where You Want to Go 
  • The 3 Brutal Mistakes that Cause Your Self-Sabotage
  • Let’s Get Off Our “Buts”
  • Why Action is So Hard
  • How to “Just Do It”
  • Pump Up Your Self Worth
  • Shame and Guilt – the Ultimate Destroyers
  • Talk Back to Your Inner Critic
  • Turn “Learned Helplessness” into “Learned Empowerment”
  • It’s Not About Time – It’s About Goal Conflict
  • Work Smarter – Not Harder or Longer 
  • The Simple Reason Why Change is So Hard
  • Nice But Not Necessary
  • How Role Models and Mentors Zoom You to the Top
  • Extraordinary People Who Have Done More with Less
  • Why Smart People Do Dumb Things
  • Why People Kick a Gift Horse in the Mouth
  • How Addictions and Compulsions Destroy You
  • Validators vs. Invalidators
  • Why Others Sabotage Us and How to Handle Them
  • How to Handle Criticism Without Anguish
  • Fear – The Biggest Obstacle
  • The One Change You Need to Make in Your Head
  • 10 Tips for Handling Worry and Anxiety
  • Enduring the Struggle -- Setbacks and Adversity
  • Accepting the Unexpected
  • The REAL Reason People Procrastinate (and how to stop it)
  • Using Life Traumas or Difficulties as Motivators
  • How to Develop Ambition
  • Optimism vs. Pessimism – Why the Big Deal?
  • Controlled Focus is Your Laser Beam to Success
  • Your Words are Your Power
  • Fly in “V” Formation
  • Partners and Teams, Role Models Mentors, Sponsors and Teachers
  • Sprint to the Finish Line With Coaching
  • Find Your Purpose
  • “When-Then” Syndrome – How to Live NOW
  • The One Minute Technique that Works Better Than Anything
  • How to Motivate Your Kids, Family and Friends
  • Lessons from a Butterfly
  • New Ways to Motivate Employees
  • The 4 Magical Words to Deal With Resistance
  • Don’t Fix, Coach!
  • Enthusiasm is Contagious

        I'm committed to the survival and success of our profession.  To have MORE you have to BE more and DO more.  Reach for MORE!

Lyn Kelley, Ph.D.,MFT, CPC
Practice Building Coach

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