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Self Coaching Course Info

By Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC
Includes 41 page manual, quiz and certificate for 10 C.E. Contact Hours.

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Instructions are simple! Each course comes with a short, multiple choice quiz, that goes chapter by chapter, and is open book. You just email us the answers to your quiz in the body of an email and we email you your Certificate of Completion within 48 hours. If you don't pass, we give you as many tries as you need!

Dear Colleagues,
        Yes, you can become your own Life Coach! This course gives you the proven methods of goal achievement from the world’s top coaches. Everything you need to create your dream life plan and put it into action. Broken down into 12 self-coaching sessions, the fun and easy workbook exercises give you your step-by-step process, structure, guidance, motivation and support you need to achieve any goal. Learn your own self-sabotages and how to overcome them. PLUS, the 50 BEST ways to motivate yourself. Don’t wait another minute to start working on your best life!

What Others are Saying About this Course:

        Finally, someone wrote the book on how to be your own life coach. I needed to know how to get my life organized and on track but couldn't afford to hire a coach. This book shows you step-by-step how to know who you are, what you want, and what you need to do to get it. It really helped me clarify my goals and set my priorities. I'm finally moving forward with my own goals, and as a BONUS, I am now using it with my counseling and coaching clients and they LOVE IT!!"

---Sarah Simms, LCPC, Milwaukee, WI

Dear Lyn,
        Since your workshop I have been using your materials for self exploration and with my clients. I am enjoying the self exploration and want you to know I find your materials a positive part of the process. You have developed a course that is easy to read and understand and has a depth to it that causes the reader to dive deeper into himself. Well done! I wish you continued success.

---Renee Gillombardo, LMFT, Anaheim, CA

        A tremendous book packed with infinite wisdom. It is a powerful and inspiring book that you'll want to read again and again. It will motivate you to take those small, daily, weekly, monthly actions and turn your life into masterpiece. This book will change your life forever.

---Maria Gacek, Amazon Review

        I never realized how much there was to think about being a Life Coach. This 12 step book lays it all out in front of you in an easy to understand format. I’m so glad I found and purchased this book. Thank you for making it as easy as possible to fulfill my dream job.

---Cynthia Burr, Amazon Review

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Session 1: What Do I Want? Decision Making
  • Session 2: Why Do I Want It? Values Clarification
  • Session 3: My Personal Vision Creating a Vision and Goals
  • Session 4: What Has Stopped Me in the Past? Self-sabotage and Fear
  • Session 5: What Am I Willing to Do to Get It? Enduring the Struggle
  • Session 6: What Do I Need to Change Before I Can Do It? Thought Transformation
  • Session 7: Creating My Action Plan Setting Goals, Sub-goals, Tasks Session
  • 8: Who Supports Me Social Support Session
  • 9: Who Has Done This Before Me? Mentors and Role Models Session
  • 10: How Can I Motivate Myself? Spirituality and Self-help Session
  • 11: How Am I Doing? Assessing Progress Session
  • 12: I'm Confident I Can and Will Do It! Accepting Success
  • Conclusion: 50 Ways To Motivate Yourself

        This course will assist you in teaching your clients how to coach themselves, and will also teach you how to coach YOURSELF.  I'm committed to the survival and success of our profession.   Helping you help others.

Thank you!

Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC Practice Building Coach

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