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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Life, Career or Business Coach

        Take your career to the next level! If you've been thinking about becoming a Professional Coach, read this manual and find out what it's all about. Discover if Coaching is right for you, and what it means to be a Certified Coach.   

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"Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Life, Career or Business Coach"
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        Written by Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC. Dr. Lyn has over 25 years experience in Coaching and Consulting, and has been working with thousands of people to assist them in achieving their career goals. She founded GROW Training Institute's Certified Professional Coach program in 2000 to meet the growing demand for those who have already been coaching, and who desire to be professionally credentialed. Contact Dr. Lyn at with any questions.

Table of Contents

Success Motivation Coaching Program
 Coaching is in Demand
 Benefits of Becoming a Coach
 What is a Coach?
 Primary Functions of a Coach
Chapter One:
GROW’s Simple 5-Step Coaching Process
Chapter Two:
How to Promote Your Coaching Program
Mission Statement
Sample Ad
The 4 Most Effective Methods to Promote
Chapter Three:
Most Frequently Asked Questions about Certification
Definitions of Coaching
How is Coaching Different than Psychotherapy?
What Types of Clients are Best Suited for Coaching?
Are there Certification/Licensure Requirements?
Benefits to Therapists of Becoming a Certified Coach
Ethical and Legal Guidelines of Coaching
What Makes Me Competent to Do Coaching?
Can I Do Coaching Over the Phone?
Can I Do Coaching/Consulting with Businesses and Corporations?
Will My Professional Liability Insurance Cover Me as a Coach?
Chapter Four:
Ethical Considerations
Coaches Do Not Do Therapy
 Should I Separate My Coaching Practice from my Therapy Practice?
Chapter Five:
Coaching Informed Consent
Sample Coaching Intake and Informed Consent
Chapter Six:
Success Motivation Coaching Program
Coaching Skills and Proficiencies
Chapter Seven:
Take this Quiz to Find Out if You Could Be Successful
GROW’s CPC Requirements 

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Email and ask for the FREE course! We'll email it to you right away!