Coaching for Addictions

Coaching for Addictions: Help for the Loved Ones of the Addict

Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Porn and More

BRAND NEW!! C.E. Course for Counselors and Coaches
By Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC
Certified Professional Coach

Includes 40-page manual plus Quiz & Certificate for 10 C.E. Contact Hours.

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        Dr. Lyn has over 25 years experience as a LMFT and Certified Professional Coach. Most of her clients have struggled with the addiction(s) of a loved one. She shares with you exactly how to coach your clients on how to handle their situation.  Emphasis on getting the loved one into recovery, and how to participate in their recovery.  Dr. Lyn shows you how to detach with compassion, what to say to yourself, what to say aloud, and how to pull out of the situation while avoiding conflict and the emotional rollercoaster. How to protect yourself with spiritual empowerment, how to show genuine love and concern, while detaching from your emotions. This book is a must-read for anyone who is struggling with other people's addictions.

What Others Are Saying About This Course:

       "This book provides specific examples of how to handle an addict who is also a loved one. Many other books are "pep talks", but this book by Dr. Lyn Kelley explains the why behind behaviors, motivates for new behaviors, and gives a play by play handbook of how to free yourself from a variety of sticky situations. This is the layman's book of wisdom from someone whose been there. Your cup will be filled after reading her materials. I'm very thankful to you for sharing."

 --Connie Sheehan, BCC

        "I am at the point of having a better understanding of what the author speaks about because I have been journeying for a while in the field of psychology and self improvement as well as quite a bit of experience interacting with people. This is very good writing. Nothing is black and white. Yet this book is filled with formulas that I do intend to use to ease my journey called life. I thank the author because I was using a lot of those methods unconsciously now I can be more conscious in their use. One thing is clear though we cannot do it for others since our life is our primary focus. Each must take responsibility for him or herself."

--Bella, Amazon Review

        "Thank you for giving me the gift of your words in this book. I COULDN'T PUT it down all week and have gained so many empowering tools that have stayed in my thoughts daily. I RECOMMENDED IT TO A FRIEND. Having read so many books over the years I found this one very relevant and down to earth. You were obviously writing from experience and kept it real and workable. THANKS again. Look forward to reading more."

---Tracey Carter, Amazon Review

Here's what you'll get:

Chapter 1: How to Know if He/She’s an Addict

Addicts Are Experts at Hiding

Early Warning Signs

Get Information

Chapter 2: How “Bad” Is He/She?

Stages of Severity

What Makes People Change?

Pain vs Pleasure

How quickly can people change?

Gradual Change

The 6-Step Change Process

Chapter 3: Why We Are Attracted to Addicts (and Stay With Them)

A Powerful Force



True “Helping” Behaviors


Chapter 4: What is Recovery and Why Do We Both Need It?

It’s Complicated

Treatment Options for the Addict

Treatment Options for YOU

Chapter 5: How to Get the Addict Help and What to Do If He/She Refuses

The Right Thing Is Usually the Hardest Thing

Commitment Phobia


Should You Give An Ultimatum?

What to Do If They Refuse Treatment

How to Take Care of Yourself

Chapter 6: How to Set Boundaries

What Are Boundaries?

Boundaries and Intimacy

Boundaries That Promote Intimacy

Strong Surrender

Chapter 7: How to Know When to Stay or Leave


If Words Don’t Work, Use No Contact

Trust Your Instincts

What If They Get Treatment and their Personality Changes?

Chapter 8: How to Move On and Recover On Your Own if Necessary

Relationship Detox

Five Things That Will Help You Stay in Detox

Time Is Your Best Friend

Chapter 9: How to Stay Strong

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