Health & Wellness Coaching

By Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., CPC

Certified Professional Coach
10 C.E. Contact Hours
Includes 70 page manual, quiz & Certificate of Completion
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Dear Colleagues,
        The purpose of this course is to motivate your clients to start, continue, and maintain their health and wellness program.   It also will prepare you to become a Health & Wellness Coach!  As a motivational coach, I have assisted people with diet, fitness and health for over two decades.  Whether your client has an illness or health challenge, or simply wants to stay healthy and live longer, this book will give you the tools.  Motivation is the key factor in the success of any change program. I give you the best research results and proven strategies that will assist you in motivating your clients to stick with (and achieve) their better health goals.
        The workbook pages will assist them with the support they need.  PLUS, a guided meditation that will propel them beyond belief!  So let's get started. Today!
What Others are Saying About this Course:
        I read this book and liked it so much I bought the audio version to listen to on my iPod while I exercise! This is the best information about what really motivates people to stick with their diet and exercise that I've found, and trust me, I've been working on this for years. I've tried everything, and she is right, it's not about the program or the pill, it's about you and what really motivates you. I'm sick and tired of the yo-yo syndrome. I got a few tips and strategies that have made all the difference for me, and now it seems easy. Since I first started reading the book 3 months ago, I have been sticking with my program!
---Mary Cornish, Bethesda, MD

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Here's What You'll Get

Table of Contents

Introduction: Your Guide to Total Wellness
The ONE Issue That You Must Handle First
The Second Most Important Factor

Chapter 1: A Balancing Act
Examples of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
10 Simple Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Chapter 2: The Mind
Optimism vs. Pessimism – Why the Big Deal?
Your Words are Your Power
Talk to Your Body
Access Your Wellness through Visioning
Your Mission Statement is Your Vision Multiplied
Setbacks and Adversity
Accepting the Unexpected
Others Who Overcame Adversity
Using Life Traumas or Difficulties as Motivators

Chapter 3: The Body
Diet and Fitness
Literature Review
Costs to Society
Emotions and Eating
Longevity and Exercise
What If You Hate Exercise?
The Golden Rule of Weight Management
Nine Thoughts That Can Make You Eat Healthier and Exercise More
The Spiritual Cure for Overeating
Dr. Oz’s Health, Diet and Fitness Tips
Dr. Lyn’s 17 Weight Management Rules to Live By
Dr. Lyn’s Number One Most Motivating Factor for Regular Exercise

Chapter 4: The Spirit
Give Your Brain Some Quiet Time
6 Things You Need to Do to Feed Your Soul
Mindful Meditation Practice
Hope is a Thing With Feathers

Chapter 5: Social Connections
Importance of Social Support
Role Models
Sprint to the Finish Line With Coaches

Chapter 6: Increasing Motivation
Preparing for New Health and Wellness Practices
Positivity and Attitude
Use of Technology
Get Fed Up!

Chapter 7: Illness and the Grieving Process
Normal Stages of Grieving
How to Get Through the Pain
The Power of Commitment

Chapter 8:  Eastern Medicine vs Western Medicine
What is the Difference between Eastern and Western Medicine?
The Benefits of Combining Eastern and Western Medicine
Culturally Competent Care
Important Considerations
Complimentary (Integrative) Medicine
Limitations of Western Medicine
Limitations of Eastern Medicine

Chapter 9: Creating Your Wellness Plan
Creating a Vision and Goals
Personal Mission Statement
Wellness Planning Sheet
Diet/Nutrition Motivational Questionnaire
Exercise/Fitness Motivational Questionnaire

Chapter 10: Become a Wellness Coach: Diet & Fitness, Nutrition, Aging, Life Balance, Life Improvement
Health & Wellness Coaching is in Demand
Take this Simple Quiz to See if You Could Be Successful as a Coach
Coaching Applications
Primary Functions of a Coach
Most Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Certified Coach
Advantages of GROW’s CPC Program Compared to Others
How to Gain Coaching Competency


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